HP Qualified Options provide better performance, reliability, and compatibility with HP ProLiant, Integrity, and Storage systems. HP Qualified Options are also integrated with many HP system management tools and can help lower your operations costs when compared to other non-HP products.


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AJ764A AED2100 DUBAI CALL 0503457890,0529926107

AED2,100.00 + 5% VAT
HP 82Q 8Gb Dual Port PCI-e FC HBA (Dual Port) .....

AK344A AED1650 DUBAI CALL 0503457890,0529926107

AED1,650.00 + 5% VAT
HP 81Q 8GB PCI-e FC HBA (Single Port) .....

C8R25A AED3400 DUBAI CALL 0503457890,0529926107

AED3,400.00 + 5% VAT
HP MSA 2040 10Gb SW iSCSI SFP 4 Pk .....

C8R39A AED3600 DUBAI CALL 0503457890,0529926107

AED3,600.00 + 5% VAT
HP SN1100E 16GB 2P FC HBA (16GB Dual Port) .....

C8S75A AED1100 DUBAI CALL 0503457890,0529926107

AED1,100.00 + 5% VAT
HP MSA 2040 1Gb SW iSCSI SFP 4 Pk  .....

Ethernet-server-adapters-X520-SR2 AED1400 DUBAI CALL 0503457890,0529926107

AED1,400.00 + 5% VAT
Intel Ethernet Converged 10GB Dual-Port Network Adapter X520-SR2 SFP PORT .....

HP 286776-B22

AED550.00 + 5% VAT
HP 286776-B22 36GB 15K SCSI Storage Capacity:  36 GB Rotation Speed:  15,...

HP 377537-B21

AED550.00 + 5% VAT
HP 377537-B21 72GB 10K SCSI Storage Capacity:  72 GB Rotation Speed:  1000...